All About Me and AG

Hello everyone!  My name is Samantha and I am a huge american girl doll fan. When I was eight years old, I would always drool over the catalogs.  My favorite was Molly and  when I saw she was about to retire, I was so sad because I still did not have a doll yet.  But then Christmas came and I wanted her more than anything.  When I woke up on Christmas morning the first present I opened was the one shaped like a doll box.  Inside was Molly.  Not only did I receive Molly but I also received Emily.  It was probably the best day in my life back then.  Shortly after for my birthday, I got Saige from my parents and a beautiful doll bunk bed from my grandpa.  I played with them and made little things for them for a few years.  Then, the Beforever collection was launched and I really loved Kit.  Recently, I went to the American Girl Store with the money I was saving for four years and bought Kit and a huge haul of other products.  This blog is for American girl lovers every where who love to craft, set up their dolls in clever scenes, and get the scoop on 18″ dolls.


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