Molly’s Birthday

imageMolly and Emily were fast asleep in their adorable custom bunk bed.

 image   Emily quietly got up and started to neatly make her bed. She was very careful not to wake Molly.

 imageShe then tiptoed out of her bed, admiring her neatness.

imageHer first task was complete. Now she moved on to the next task and set out Molly’s special birthday dress.

imageShe picked out her prettiest outfit. “Decisions, decisions!”she whispered to herself.

imageShe changed into her favorite spring dress that was blue with flowered trim.

imageShe began to decorate the party room with streamers.

imageShe layed out the all the things needed for this special day.

imageSuddenly, Kit and Saige came out dressed in their favorite outfits.”Wow, Emily!  You already set out all of the stuff. We were about to come in and do that!”

image imageMolly walked into the room. “You guys did all this for me! Thank you! It is everything I wanted this Birthday tea party to be!”  “come sit down, princess!” They all sat and enjoyed their beautiful spring tea party.


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