How to Make doll Jam


Hi! I am going to show you how to make doll sized Jam

Here is a list of supplies you need:

-mini jars

-clear tacky glue (Aleens works best)

-food coloring

-something to stir with (I am using a skewer) 

I found these cute little jars at Joann’s. They kinda look like they are from the 1930’s. 

It is best if you open the glue all the way.


Squeeze some glue in the jar.

I had to go into the kitchen because I was dealing with food coloring.
imagePut drops of food coloring into the jar.

Blackberry Jam: 11 red and 8 blue

Strawberry Jam: 15 drops of red

Orange Marmalade: 15 drops or orange

Blueberry jam: 15 drops of blue


Stir the mixture until it is completely colored.

It should look like this. (sorry for the bad photography)

imageAnd that’s it!


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