My Opinion On Some Of AG’s New Products


Boho Beachy  Swimsuit

I really love this bathing suit!  The pattern is really pretty and the ruffles are adorable!  I am in love with the sandles and I think it was really smart of AG to add the ankle beads!  Price: $28

Sparkle Spa Robe

I am not too sure what is so special about this robe.  I mean, all it is is a fluffy blue robe and it doesn’t even come with slippers.  It is a little bit boring compared to all the other clothes AG makes.  Very underwhelming.  Price: $24 

Pretty Plie Ballet Outfit

I like this set because you can mix and match all the pieces that it comes with and come up with a unique style!  It will definitely be a must get at my next trip to the AG place!  Price:$34
soccer outfit

Soccer team outfit

I really like the detail of the outfit from the shimmery cascading stars, to the number eight on the shorts, and to the pink laced up cleats.  I don’t really like the soccer ball though.  I mean seriously, stars on the ball?!  I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a soccer ball like that.  I feel like AG needs to be a little more realistic with some of their accessories.  Not a huge fan of the price either.    Price:$38  
pizza part set

Pizza Party Set

I think this set is adorable!  The only thing i don’t like is the heart shaped pizza that is not too realistic.   I love the detail of the blokus game and I can just picture my dolls drooling over the mini book and sipping the soda! The price definitely reasonable too!  MUST HAVE!!!!!!

G0640_petals_plaid_pjs_dolls_charm_1Petals and Plaid PJ’s

I love this Pajama set and I think it would look so great on dolls with long hair, like Saige and Caroline!  The moccasin slippers are totally in style and the mock layered look is adorbs!  I especially like the plaid pants!  This product makes ME want to get My Pajamas on!  Price: $24


Pretty Pink Tutu Set

This Picture is totally misleading because it does NOT come with the leotard and the tights.  The price is way too much because it only comes with three things: A tutu, a tiara, and slippers.  Not my favorite.  Price: $28
CHD45_main_2 sparklyJazz Set

I really like this set! The shoes are so cute and perfect for the wear and tear of the dance floor  😉 .   The outfit is so… jazzy!  The fingerless gloves are fantastic and the bow completely compliments the outfit! Price:$34


Shimmer and Lace Party Dress

I love the color of this dress and the intricate details of the lace!  The rhinestone hair pin is cute and The sandles really go with the dress!  Price:$30

Sunshine Gardening Bench

I NEED this!  The pots, ladybug stickers, paper butterflies, bird house, and the bench itself is so cute!  I love the color of it all and how the colors work together so well!  ❤ Price: $68

Boho Beachy Hairbeads

These kinda look little kiddish, especially when they are in the doll’s hair in the catologue.  it’s just I feel like I could just make this!  Price:$15

Lovely Leopard Pajamas

This is adorable and the best PJ set AG has on the Market!  I love the fluffy bottoms and the ruffle detail.  The flip-flop slippers are also very cute.  Price: $24


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