Truly Me


This outfit is so adorable!  I love the jacket and the shoes are adorable!  I also love the tutu and all the hair accessories!  I really want this!


I really like this outfit too.  I just dont really like the boots.  the graphic on the top is cute and the skirt is so pretty!

I love this outfit as well.  The sandals are cute and the shorts are really …beachy!  The striped hoody is a really coordinating color too!
download (4)

This is probably my favorite part if the truly me collection.  The pattern is adorable and I reeally, really, really, really, really want this dress!  I may actually consider buying it!

This hammock is so cute!  I love the visor especially!

This is SO adorable!  I love all the food and the drink!  Adorbs!


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