imageI know that this is crazy, but I decided to start my own blog award.  It is called the hand in hand blog award and I hope it goes to the bloggers who really deserve it.  ?

Here is how it works:

1. Check to see if you got nominated

2.answer these questions in italic:

-how many dolls do you have

-what do you hope to do with your blog in the future

-what do you have planned for the sum

-what are your favorite songs

-if a new ag doll came in the mail right now, what would you name her?

3. Nominate three of you favorite ag bloggers and give them the memo that you nominated them a post about this award and Do all of this by July 1, 2015

I nominate:

Happy House of AG

Clara’s Craft Corner

Doll in the heart of Dixie  ( I’m sorry if I got the name wrong!)

Yeah, I hope you like my idea for the award!


25 thoughts on “

      1. Thank you for commenting with me! I like that we have a lot in common! do you like grace? my friend has grace And a MAG with Long red hair and green eyes. she named the MAG Madeleine

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  1. To Dolltopia: if you are a blogspot member, just look at the bottom right corner where it should say follow with a little plus sign next to it. Click on that and enter your email address!
    To Nikki and AG Lane:thank you guys so much! I am so thankful for the support you guys give me! I will try to follow you, Nikki!


  2. Ok! I found out how! On the right side of my blog….it says Rss feed. Click that and you can follow! do I follow you? I saw what you said to the other person but I am confused.


    1. That makes two of us that are confused! When I clicked on the RSS feed it went to podcast!? But you can just go to my blog and look on the bottom right corner where there should be a little button that says follow. You can click on that and enter your email address. I hope that answers your question.


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