Photostory ideas

Hey guys!  I have some photo story ideas for this summer. Check them out!

image                                                               The Prank Wars

Alexandria was grudgingly forced to go to Camp Starlight, a month long program where girls were paired up and had to sleep in a cabin and learn about nature.  She thought she would absolutely hate every minute of it, until she met Charlotte.  The two instantly clicked and Alexandria actually had fun!  That is, until Alexandria and Charlotte faced Bridgette and Christina in an epic dodgeball challenge that they lost…badly. It was that night that Alexandria had an ingenious idea:  the prank wars!  The prank wars was an epic battle between the two teams where each team performed different pranks on each other until one team ran out of ideas.  Who will win?

Alexandria:  Emily

Charlotte:  Kit

Bridgette:  Saige

Christina:  Molly


This photostory is based on my favorite game show, Survivor.  Basically, 18 normal people get thrown on an island for 40 days and must endure through challenges, rewards, tribal council where they vote each other out, alliances, and tons of other cool stuff.  Every season there is a final four where four of the castaways are still on the island and one of them will win one million dollars.  in my version, the final four must face an epic extra fifteen days where they will gradually vote each other out.  Stay tuned for this photostory.


8 thoughts on “Photostory ideas

  1. Great ideas! No offense, but I think The Prank Wars sounds a bit like Loren’s (happyhouseofag) Bff Wars. I’m sure you’re not trying to copy, that is just what it seemed like to me. Survivors sounds really cool😀


  2. You’re right, I guess I didn’t realize that. I do love pranks!😄😄 Sorry if I offended you in any way. Have you started making these photostories yet?


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