A caption that picture and goals for summer

Hey guys!  I have a caption that picture but first I want to tell you about my goals for the summer.  Here they are!

-make the dolls a fro yo shop

-make 50 posts

-do at least 10 crafts

-commit to both of my photo series

-gain at least 15 followers

-have 60 comments

so there they are!  I will post if I made or did not make any of those goals in mid August.

Here is the pic you have to caption:

imageJust in case you can’t see, Saige is holding a shoe, Emily is holing a teacup and has roller skates on, Molly has a camera in her hand, and Merigold has a high heel in her mouth.



7 thoughts on “A caption that picture and goals for summer

  1. You have really good goals. Here’s my caption:
    Saige: Marigold dont take anymore of my shoes!
    Emily: Maybe I’m not so good at rollerskating…
    Molly: I have to get a picture of this!
    Kit: Hey everyone, guess what…


  2. Saige: Finally I got the shoe out her mouth. Now if only I could get the other one…
    Emily: Can somebody please refill me teacup and get this cat OFF ME!
    Molly: This picture will look perfect… on my Facebook page.
    Kit: Hey Saige can you…. never mind it looks like your busy.


  3. Saige: Molly!!! Stop taking pictures with the camera, or I am going to give your other shoe to Marigold!
    Molly: Ooh! Just one more!
    Emily: *read in British accent* Oh help! Please refill my precious teacup one more time before the cat breaks it!!
    Molly: You don’t even like tea!!
    Emily: *Read In British accent* Sooooo???
    Kit: Hey Everyone! Guess what?
    * Emily drops tea cup and says “nooooo” in a British voice, Saige gives Marigold the other shoe and Molly gets sooo mad she takes a picture of Saige underwear.
    Kit: I guess it wasn’t the right time to tell you…..See ya…Got to go!!
    *everyone chases after Kit*
    Ok! WHEW! That took a long time typing that….Anyways…..I hope you like it!


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