Our Generation Luggage Set

imageWhy, why, WHY can I not post this on time!  I promised a review like two months ago and Finally here it is.  The strange thing is, the day it came I took the pictures and somehow forgot about them.  I guess you could say I am taking this as a learning experience and hopefully it will not happen again.  Emily will be hosting this review so lets get started!

imageHello!  This is the main part of the set, the suitcase.  It has some glitter in the plastic, the wheels really roll, and the handle can go up and down.

imageThe only thing I am not happy with is that is does not fit a lot in it. 

THESE STICKERS ARE ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
imageI really like the kitten luggage tag!  ❤imageYou can really write on it!

imageHere it is on the suitcase.

imageGotta love the cat neck pillow.  I wish I had one that was human size!

imageSorry for the blurry photo, but here it is on Emily.

imageNow for all the paper accessories.

imageThere is a world map.

imageOne side is of Europe.

imageAnd the other is of the whole world.

imageThere is a travel journal that she can write all her adventures in.

imageThere are lines to write on inside!  This is a really unique touch.

imageThere is a passport.


There is a boarding pass.

Here is a glimpse of the inside.
imageAnd the outside.

imageThere is also a SUPER cute pen.

imageMoving on to the toiletries.

imageshampoo is an essential traveling accessory.

imageAnd if you bring shampoo, you cant forget the conditioner!

imageAnd if you are going to the beach, sunscreen is a must.

imageThe floss is cute, but it cant open.

imageThere are some toothbrush things that are high in quality.

imageThe toothbrush case really fits!


The set includes a cute little toiletry bag too.
imageNow for all the food.

imageMy favorite part of this whole set is the gummy bears because they look so realistic.

imageEmily wants to eat them!

imageThe crackers are adorable, but I am not a fan of the long tag.

imageThere is also some bubble gum.

imageThe serving tray is really awesome because it fits on the doll’s lap and it looks like the lap tray they give you on a real flight!

imageMouthwatering macaroni and cheese!  🙂

imageThere is some delicous looking fruit as well.

imageThis roll looks real!

imageA little container of jam.

imageAnd a little container of butter

imageThis pink mug is perfect!

imageHere it is in Emily’s hand.

imageand last but not least, a spork and a spoon.

imageAnyways, hope you enjoyed.  I would probably rate this set five stars because all of it is so realistic and it is one of the better quality sets from Our generation.  Bye now and remember to have fun with your dolls!image


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