Emily is Sick!


Hi!  Emily here.  Today Samantha took pictures of me when I was sick to put together a photo story.  Lets take a look!
imageI was sleeping peacefully in the best bed in the room because I was running a fever of 103 the previous night.

imageWhen I got up, I realized I was coughing horribly!  My throat hurt very badly and I could barely speak.

imageI slipped out of the covers,

imageAnd slid into my favorite bunny slippers!  I went to go tell Samantha that i was probably sick.

imageShe took my temperature and told me it was way higher than last night and that I was going to have to take it easy for the day.  She gave me my doll, Kirsten and said she would be right back.

imageShe returned with a fluffy knit blanket and a lap tray!

imageMolly, my best friend in the whole wide world, brought me my favorite comfort food!  She knows me better than anyone.

imageMacaroni and cheese with a side drink of honey tea.  Yum!

imageWhen I finished my food, I read a little bit of my book.

imageI then played with Cinnamon.  Isn’t is so sweet when cats seem to know when you feel bad?  And they cheer you up with some kitty love!

imageSamantha came in again and told me to take a nap, so that is exactly what I did.

imageI woke up as groggy Emily and I heard a crinkling sound at my feet.

imageGummy bears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

imageI gobbled them up quickly.

imageSamantha came in the door…

imageAnd brought me dinner!

imageA roll, honey tea, and some butter and jam!  She said i should eat these foods because they would soothe my throat.

imageIt was only 7:30, but Samantha made me go to bed for the night.  I went to sleep knowing I would be better in the morning.

imageSamantha took a pic of me feeling better the next day!  Hope you liked it!  Also dont forget to comment if you liked it.  Hope you have fun with your dolls!image


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