Saige’s break: Part 1

imagei was peacefully taking my morning ride on Picasso.  ” C’mon, girl you can do this!”  I shouted to her.

imageShe started to shake a bit, as if the wild animal inside her was about to leap out…

imageShe suddenly threw me off of her back!  Then there was a very big amount of pain in my elbow.  I screamed for help and then everything went black.

imageThe next thing I knew, i was in my bed with my elbow in a splint and propped up on a pillow.

image.I groggily woke up from my coma…

imageAnd then suddenly Molly started to scream.  “OH MY GOSH SAIGE, YOU’RE OKAY!  YOU’RE UP!”  I calmly told her to quiet down a bit.

imageShe sat down on my bed and calmly  told me that I had passed out and fractured my elbow.  It was in a splint for now, but in a few days, the doctors would put a cast on it.

imageI gawked at my splint and then the dark thought came to me…

SUSPENCE RIGHT!  Okay I started to go like Molly for a sec there.  Wonder why she broke her elbow?  Thats because last February i broke my elbow too!  i got a cast and everything.  It sure did hurt though…  So anyways, Have any of you ever broken something?  If so, what bone did you break and did you get a cast?  I was sad about my break because I was behind in clarinet for awhile.  Bye!  And dont forget to have fun with your dolls.



5 thoughts on “Saige’s break: Part 1

    1. I use my mom’s Ipad for all of the pics, but soon you will see pics from a sony cyber-shot digital camera! And the trick to taking pictures with Ipads is to keep the tablet part really still when you take the pic. hope this helps!



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