Fashion Show Time! A Photo Story

image(Told in the point of view from molly)  Last weekend we were very bored.  Then suddenly, Kit stood up and left the room.

imageOMG!  She was dressed in a beautiful black dress made from Samantha’s old tights!  Who knew repurposing could make things so pretty!  “I have a surprise!”  Kit announced.

imageShe took down a board that was blocking another room…

imageAnd BOOM!  All of our fashionista dreams came true!  There were all our shoes and clothes set out!  It was like Kit went through our whole closet!

imageThere was even a salon!

imageMarigold was ready for the occasion!  LOL!  Our fashion show could start!  I was the presenter.

imageFirst off, Emily in a beautiful store exclusive tee, a handmade denim skirt, and designer shoes!

imageHere comes the gorgeous saige in an outfit by Springfield collections doll clothes!  It looks like her dresser also completed her outfit with a  pair of pink boots and a hat!

imageemily will be modeling swimwear now.  Here is a beautiful OG swim suit!

imageAnd this suit suits her eyes!  LOL!  This is from the Queens treasures!imageSaige is in her meet outfit topped with a jean jacket!  Talk about high fashion!

imageEmily is rocking a handmade dress with a vest from kit’s Reporter dress!

imageSaige is in an outfit from Amazon with a home made denim skit!

imageHere is Emily in the SAME dress with a cashmere sweater from OG!

imageAnd for the finale I am rocking a designer party gown!

And so we had a great day and we discovered our styles too!  samantha made the runway out of a doll box wrapped in paper!



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