Best Friend Dolls

Hello!  Happy Fathers Day!  Today I am going to list all the best friend dolls and at the end, give my opinion on them.

emilyMy personal favorite, emily.




mgMarie Grace


ruthieAnd Ruthie!

So there they are! I think i got them all, but tell me in the comments if I missed any.  I am disappointed that AG retired Best Friend dolls!  I mean every girl has a friend and now, the historical girls cant really have a best friend from their time period!  I am also sad that AG really didnt pay any attention to them while they were still on the market!  They only gave them ONE holiday outfit and thats it!  They should have gotten the same amount of . as their actual historical friends!

So thats my opinion.  Sorry that its short, but I am about to help make a cake for my dad!



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