The Surprise: a Photostory Plus a New Dress!

  • image(told in POV of Saige)  today I was just playing with my doll…
  • imagewhen suddenly, Kit brought in a large box.  “call in Molly and Emily!  there was a surprise box at the door!”  said Kit.
  • imageBefore I could open my mouth, they both came bounding in.  “we saw you carrying in a surprise box!”  Molly explained.
  • imageWe all huddled around eagerly on the bed as I began to open the box.
  • image“Oh my gosh!  I have been wanting this so badly!  tell you what, you are all invited to a movie sleepover in a few days!  we can watch this movie together!”  I announced.
  • imageWe all screamed in delight!  *THE END*  samantha’s turn now!
  • imageDid you notice the dress Emily was wearing?  I just finished sewing it with my grandma!  i will do a post on that soon!  (Also my grandma just ordered the grace movie, for human sized of coarse!)  Soooo, bye now!

6 thoughts on “The Surprise: a Photostory Plus a New Dress!

  1. The dress is gorgeous, you should be proud of your self. The seams look really well done, and it fits Emily very well. I am excited for the post on it, As for the Grace movie, I am dying to see it, and hope you will review it as soon as you watch it. I love listening to different people review movies because their opinions are all so different and unique.


    1. Thankyou so much! i will totally do a review on it! Did you see the new page i put up? i think it says something like the dolls support leukemia. I am so sorry for your sick friend and I will keep her in my prayers.



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