Monarchy In Marida: A Surprise Photo Series!

I sprung a pop photo series on you guys!  Hope you like it! This is part one and The post you are about to read is prologue.  here we go!


imageThere once was a beautiful queen, in a beautiful palace, married to a beautiful king, and mother of a beautiful baby.

imageOne day, an evil witch appeared out of nowhere!  She had a magical staff in her hands.

imageShe raised her staff and muttered an evil spell.

image“AAAHHHH!!!!!”  screamed the king!  He disappeared in a poof and nobody ever saw him again!

image“Whatever you do evil witch, dont hurt my baby!”  the queen shrieked in distress.

imageWith a malevolent chuckle, the queen used her staff to throw the baby out of the queens arm.

imageWith another spell, the queen was about to face the same fate as her husband.

imageThe witch took the baby into her arms…

imageAND CURSED HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nobody ever knew what happened to the queen and the king.  The witch posed as the queen’s sister and soon  became the queen.  The witch also posed as the baby’s mother.  Stay tuned for part two…




Seriously, I think i will keep on going with this photo series! tell me i  the comments if you want part two!

Bye now, and happy blogging!


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