A Post with Random Things!

giveawayHey guys!  first of all, I am entering this giveaway from http://funwithagfan.blogspot.com/.  You guys should enter too!  I think the pj’s are so Parisian and cute.

imageThere is this adorable doll sized bench I found in the clearance section at Joann’s!  it is really a garden planter, but I will soon sew a cushion for the inside.

imageIt can seat two…

imageBut I like it better with one.  (BTW, It was forty dollars but was on clearance for eleven dollars!)

imageI also found this cute little bird and a birdcage!

imageThe cage is a little tea light holder we found in the wedding section.

imageI love the bird!  I think i will name him Pecan!  look out for a post about him and another surprise pet!

so, sorry It was short but I hoped you liked it!  buy now!


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