Kit’s Corner: Review of Kit’s Floral Print Dress

imageHey everyone!  Today is another Kit’s corner and Kit is here to review her floral print dress from AG!  I am going to hand it over to Kit now.

imageHello!  Today I will be reviewing the floral print dress from my collection!  Here is an overview of the dress.

imageIt closes with velcro in the back.

imageThe pleats are a little bit messy, but you can barely notice it.

imageThe belt has a golden buckle and I like the material they used for the belt.

imageThere is a little turquoise bow at the center.  It is a nice little touch!

he collar is the same material as the belt and it has orange and blue embroidery!  I love it!

imageThe shoes are perfect for summer…

imageAnd the barrette matches the dress perfectly!

I love this dress and it is perfect for summer!  Hope you liked today’s edition of Kit’s Corner!  Bye everyone!


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