Grace Movie Review!

graceI really liked the new Grace Movie!  Here is the review!

Overall sequence of events and plot:

I loved the way the story flowed and how almost everything from the book was in the movie!  The Masterchef Junior was also cool to watch.  I also loved that the whole movie wasnt spent in just Paris.


I liked the music because throughout the movie, the music was supposed to be a street band’s music.  It was really soothing to listen to.

The actor;

The girl that played Grace was just how I imagined her in the book!  She looks so much like her and did a really good job acting!



-Music was cool

-Was mostly like it was in book

-the actor looked alot like grace

-Masterchef Junior was in the actual movie


-didnt show much of her getting lost in Paris

-They didnt Mention Sylvie’s grandmother dying

So overall it was an awesome movie and I really liked it!  Bye now!


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