Product Opinions On AG’s New Releases!


Tweed Drivers Cap- $10

Two words:  So.  Adorable.  I love how cheap it is and all the tweed.  i think it was a nice touch to add the pink button too!

Sparkle Socks And Leggings- $12

Eeeh.  It doesn’t come with much and I like the old socks and tights set better.  the price is a little bit too much as well.
CLF75_Sparkle_Sneakers_1Sparkle Sneakers-$14

CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hair tools:  20$

Uh, OVERPRICED!  It doesnt even come with as many pieces as the last thing!  I dont really know what the pointy thing is or the pink headband thingie!  I will NEVER buy this.

terrier puppy

Terrier Puppy:  28$

I mean, he’s pretty cute but I wouldn’t buy him over the rest of the puppies.  And I’m starting to wonder if AG even knows how to make cats!  There are like ten puppies and one cat!  Does AG know that girls like cats too?
sport storage bench

Sport Storage Bench:  58$

Welll, it looks like it has alot of play value but I dont quite understand why they put a football in there!  I mean seriously, AG is a girly company and they have a football but not even two cats?!  It makes no sense.  Anyways, back to the overall product.  The base looks plastic but I dont really know because I have never actually touched this.  The clipboard looks cute too.  I feel like a sporty doll would have this!  Still, I wouldn’t buy it.

trulyme15Sparkle Sweater Outfit:  30$


Ummm… I dont really care for these pieces together because it looks like the doll just threw on random pieces from her closet on, but I do see mix and match potential!

slow cooker dinner set

Slow Cooker Dinner Set:  58$

OK, is it just me or is that Crock Pot just to die for?!  It looks so realistic and cute!  I love all the food it comes with and I love the BBQ sauce.  I would totally pay 58$ for this.
shearling boots

Shearling Boots:  16$

I love these boots, but why are they more than the other AG shoes?  AG also overprices shoes by ALOT!  I would buy these if they wern’t so expensive.
science fair set

Science Fair Set:  32$

OVERPRICED.  I will figure out how to make this and post it on my blog.  It is cute though.

mod monster

Mod Monster Set:  34$

Ummmmm… This looks a bit over the top.  I would like the dress by itself and the boots have Katniss potential, but the wig looks like Photoshop.  It looks hard to put on too.  I will not be buying this.  One word:  disgusting.



hot lunch

Hot Lunch Set

I like this set and it looks much better than the cafeteria food at my school! 😉  I might actually consider buying it… if I had money.  😉


double Braided Headband:  20$

You can easily do this on your doll and I don’t see any reason to pay twenty bucks for it.


Stlylin’ Bangs:  20$

I dont like these at all.   It just doesnt seem right because if you want your doll to have bangs, buy a doll with bangs!!!!!

Rhinestone Baseball Cap:  10$

i don’t really have an opinion on this because part of me likes it and part of me doesn’t.

Striped Hoodie:  20$

I like this alot!

Flip Top Desk:  58$

i like this beacause it would be really cool for a doll study space!  Lots of play value as well.
CLF80_Silver_Sparkle_Beanie_1Silver Sparkle Beanie:  10$



Fun Fedora:  10$

I’m in love with this!  It would work for a boy doll too!


Basketball outfit:  34$

I like it because it is much more realistic than the innerstar U one.  Julie could wear this too.
recess ready

Recess Ready Outfit:

Its cute, but it looks too dressy for recess.


Hope you enjoyed!  I will post something like this for the beforever release too.  Bye!  (BTW, this is my 65th post on this blog!)


3 thoughts on “Product Opinions On AG’s New Releases!

  1. The pointy thing in the hair tools set is for making inverted ponytails, and the pink headband thingie is a bun maker I think. Yeah, come on AG!! Lets get some cats out there!! Although I do love dogs to.


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