The Doll I want! (Continued)

doll I wantSo yesterday I showed you the doll I want!  She is #55 and as you can see, she has light skin with freckles, hazel eyes, and dark hair.  The first time I saw her was in the 2013 holiday catologue when she was wearing the pretty in pink winter coat.  She just looked so dashing in it!  I have always wanted her, but when I was browsing the AG website, she looks especially gorgeous in the new truly me outfit.  I think I’ll ask for her for Christmas along with a gift card to AG.  Her style will be a total fashionista and I think she will wear the two tone glasses or no glasses.  She will also do Jazz so I will get her the Sparkly Jazz Outfit by AG.  That’s all for now, but I will probably post later today!  Bye!


11 thoughts on “The Doll I want! (Continued)

  1. Yeah, I really like that doll too! Btw, she is #55, not #75. I’m not trying to be mean or anything. 😉


      1. Thx it was just so funny I went on to your blog and was like Hey!!! Thats the doll I wanted. I might get Grace or Mary Ellen instead this Christmas.

        Happy Blogging 😀


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