Craft Request: how to DIY doll crutches

imageHello!  Today we will make DIY doll crutches!  Hannah from the dolls of Texas wanted some crutches and Liza from ag dolls and fun wanted more crafts!!  I like this post because I’m making two people happy!  I will also do more crafts because I have lots of pics that I just forget to upload to my media library!

Anyways, on to the actual post!

What You Will Need:

-wide or thin Popsicle sticks  (Im using the thin ones because I ran out of the fat ones a few weeks ago)

-silver, or gray, or white and black mixed together paint.

-hot glue


-the black spongy paintbrush  (I dont know what the real name for it is.)

Lets get started!


First, cut a popsicle stick in half and glue two full sized one to thee half.

imageThen glue the other half to the bottom

imageGlue two more full sized sticks to the sides.

imageAnd then glue two more full sized ones cross-ways.  Repeat these steps to make two crutches.

imageAs you can see, I mixed together black and white paint to get gray, but you can also use silver or gray.

imageLay down tree layers of paper towels and paint the crutches on both sides.  *Tip:  make sure one side dries before painting the other side!*

imageYou should get these!

imageThey fit your doll perfectly!

Soo, discussing other matters, I will show you how to make arm and leg casts tomorrow or later today.  The next day, I will post part two to Saige’s Break.  I saw inside out today!  It was really sad, but still good.  see ya’all!

– Samantha and her dolls


17 thoughts on “Craft Request: how to DIY doll crutches

  1. Thanks! I’ll try to find time to make this craft in three weeks when I’m back from Chicago! 🙂


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