Parisian Cafe!

imageToday I went to a parisian cafe!

imageMmmmm…Yummmy treats!!imageimageimageimageMmmmmmmmmm….Even yummier treats!!!

imageMacarons!!!!!!!imageimageimageimageTartlets.imageimageimageThree words:  My.  Birthday.  Cake!imageimageimageimageimageimageOnce we ordered we sat down!

imageBut Saige got one last look at the yummy french treats!imageimageI’m in France!”

imageLook how tall that cake is!

imageWe got our food and my Grandma got a Croques Madam.

imageMy brother got a croissant and an omelet.

imageAn I got a crepe!

imageGooey, custardy bite!


imageHere are our Macarons.  I got the pink ones and my brother got the other two.  The darker pink is chocolate cherry and the lighter one is strawberry!

imageSaige wants to steal it!

imageAnother pic of my brother’s macarons in the car.

imageI had the best time at my local french bakery!  Do you have a local french bakery?  Please also enter the giveaway!  Bye!

-Samantha and dolls


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