Saige’s Break: Part Two


When I came back with Molly and Kit, I demanded to see Emily because she was sleeping when we left.  She was really happy to see me!


She became to climb down from the bunk bed…


When suddenly she fell!!!


She was sobbing in pain.  “Oh Saige, Help!  It’s my ankle!  I need to go to the hospital!  I think I broke it!”


I took a glance at her ankle and saw that it was as swollen as a red tomato.


“Molly, Kit!”  I cried, “Emily broke her ankle!”


(Dun, dun, DUUN!)  Stay tuned for part three!  Hope you enjoyed reading!  Also guess what……


I WON THE PAJAMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m so happy right now.  Anyways hope you liked it!  I may or may not post later!  Bye!


13 thoughts on “Saige’s Break: Part Two

      1. Yay! That’s great Emily will be back to normal soon! ^_^
        And that’s OK – I totally understand the throwing up thing – I do that all the time. A medicine I take makes me really sick, and I usually throw up. 😛 Are you feeling better now?


      2. That’s good! ^_^ (I’ve found that carbonated drinks help calm my stomach. Sparkling water with a little bit of juice mixed in works every time for me!)


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