Giveaway Reminder Again

So today i will post a reminder of the giveaway I am hosting.  For some reason, it doesn’t pop up on my home page!  So I will basically do that post all over again!  PLEASE ENTER!!!!!!!!!!!!

imageHello!  A few days ago I spotted this beautiful Springfield dress!  Saige loves it and I know you will too!

imageThe dress is a beautiful shade of navy blue and there are embroidered white flowers all over.

imageIt is perfect for Summer!

imageAre you ready to….WIN!!!!!

imageWhat you get:  A new copy of the dress and a length of red ribbon to tie a sash on the dress!

How to enter:

-Ask for your parent or Guardian’s permission to enter

-Comment below with your name or nickname along with a unique cupcake flavor!!!

Are you ready to win???

Please enter!  It would support me tremendously and I would really appreciate it!  Also, if you already found this post and entered, there is no need to enter again on this post!  Have fun and enter please!

-Samantha and her dolls


Happy fourth of July!!


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