Menchies Fro Yo Shop Project! : Part One

OK guys, so remember my summer goals post?  Do you remember anything about a frozen yogurt shop being completed?  Well there was something about that.  I was inspired by funwithagfan to make my dolls a Menchies shop!!!!!!!!!   Let me guess, some of you guys don’t know what Menchies is.  Well it is a fro yo place and I am lucky enough to live as close as five miles away from one.  Here is their logo:

imageIsn’t it a cute little logo?  Here is the pic I will base this project on:

menchiesI personally LOVE Menchies!  I always have i after school, after special occasions, or maybe just to have a little treat with a friend!  Now this project will be split up into MANY parts and this is just the first one.  It may be a little short but I will do longer ones from now on.  Here we go!

Supplies you will need for part one:

-One green foam core board and two pink foam core boards

-glue stick or just any kind of glue

print outs of Menchie’s logos, characters, or their fro yo

-Fairly large white letter stickers

Now that you have your supplies, lets begin!!

imageI have my two pink foam core boards that came like that.

imageAnd I had one white one that I covered in green paper.  *TIP:  If you can’t find foam core board in the color you need it in, cover a plain white foam core board the paper of that color.

imageFor the walls, just arrange the boards as shown.

imageIt is the perfect size for your dolls!  It tall enough for her to stand in and low enough that the walls dont tower above her!

Now we will add decorations to the walls.

imageI printed out a bunch of menchies stuff.  *TIP:  zoom in on the image on 200

imageNow begin to arrange the print outs on the board.  In the next 2 pictures, I will show you how to arrange them.


That is how I arranged them!

imageNow use glue to stick them onto the walls.

imageNow take some white letter stickers…

imagePut the words “Yogurt Bar”  on the middle wall…

imageAnd put the words “Toppings Counter”  On the side wall!  We are done with part one!  Bye now, and stay tuned for part two!

-Samantha and her dolls


If you dont live by a Menchie’s, you can use the colors and theme that coordinates with your local frozen yogurt shop.  Be creative!




I entered a giveaway!  Here it is!



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