The Messy House: A Photo Story

So hello again!  Sorry for not posting yesterday but I think you will really enjoy this photo story!  I had a blast taking the pics and I really like the ideas I came up with!  read away!!
image(Told in Kit’s POV)  “Doo doo doo la dee, just doing my horribly LONG list of chores.  Well, at least I actually do them unlike Molly and Saige.)

imageSuddenly, Saige bursted into the room with huge piles of dirty laundry in her hands.  She dumped it onto the table I had just finished cleaning!!  “You know the drill, Kit.  You do my dirty laundry and I get to finish doing my hair.  Toodles!” Saige said as she was about to leave the room.

imageThen Molly came in and did the exact same thing as Saige did!  I gawked at all the dirty laundry they had both produced in TWO DAYS!!

image“Ummm..I dont thi-”  Saige soon interrupted me by asking how her hair style looked.

imageThen Emily came in with two neatly folded dresses in her arms.  “Oh hello Kit!  Good morning!  I am off to put my dirty dresses in the laundry.”

imageI had had enough.  Molly and Emily acted like lazy couch potatoes while me and Emily did their chores for them!  so I may have lost my temper…  “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING!!  Why would you dump like fifty different outfits on the table I have just cleaned!  I am sick of you two cheating off your work on Emily and I!  You both know that Samantha assigns us each the same amount of chores to keep her doll space clean!  she will be SO mad if she sees-”

imageSurprisingly, this time I was cut off by Emily!  She put her hand on my shoulder and said, “kit are you sure you should be mad at them?  We can easily do their chores!”  But I decided to ignore her.

imageShut it, Emily!”  I knew I had done the wrong thing right there and I also knew that Emily was about to cry.  But at the moment, I really didn’t care.  “I will show you the mess you made JUST this morning!”

image“Molly has piled up all sorts of junk on her bed AND she has not made it!

image“Saige, you have done the EXACT same thing!”

image“Looks like someone named Saige knocked over the styling center that Samantha very carefully organizes!”

imageAnd just look at all the junk piled up on the top of this closet!”

imageMe and Emily are going to the zoo and while we are gone, you two will clean this all up!  Good bye!”

~Me and Emily made up at the zoo and had a great time.~  (Now told in Molly’s POV.)

imageWhen we saw them leave, we decided that kit was right and that we had better get to work!

imageWe organized the salon center.

imageSaige helped me get down the stuff on top of the closet.

imageWe put our clean clothes neatly back in the closet.

imageWe used a shoe box of Samantha’s to load the dirty laundry in the washing machine.

imageAnd we made our beds!  The whole doll area was cleaned now!

imageSoon, Kit came back.  “Emily is in the car unloading some souvenirs we got at the zoo.  I will inspect the area.”  We heard her going through every inch of the area.

imageSoon, she came back.  “i am sorry I lost my temper.  I wont lose my temper like that again as long as you promise to do your chores.  I also realized that you did do a good job cleaning up!  Will you forgive me?”

image“Of course we will forgive you, Kit!  And we should me the ones saying sorry.  We should have never pushed our work off on you.  Samantha tries her best to make it fair, and we disrespected her for breaking her rules.  And you are an awesome sis for not telling on us.  So I guess what we are trying to say is we’re sorry.”

image“Aww, of course I forgive you!  We are all good, right?”

image“Right!”  We both said in unison!

~The end~

Anyways, that was fun!  Bye!

-Samantha and her dolls  ❤


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