Cooking Show With Emily!

Hello!  Today I decided to do a Cooking Show With Emily.  Enjoy!

imageHello everyone!  Welcome to the Emily Bennett Cooking Show!  Today we will make some yummy cake pops!  Lets get started!

imageFirst, put some chocolate in a boiler.

imageThen heat it on high until melted.
imageIn a large bowl, mix eggs, sugar, flour, and cake batter together until blended.

imageShape them into balls about the size of your hand.

imagePut them onto a tray next.

imageSince you do not need to bake the balls, put them onto a skewer.

imageBy now, your chocolate should be melted.  So you can dip the pop into the chocolate…

imageAnd your done!  Bye everyone!

So I hope you liked it!  (BTW, that was NOT a real recipe.)  I think I might do more of Emily’s cooking show!  I will also show you how to make those cake pops.  Bye!

-Samantha and her dolls  ❤


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