New Photo Series: Fame Isn’t Everything Part 1

Hey guys!  I came up with a new Photo Series and I think I will do this one for awhile before I continue Monarchy in Marida.  Dont worry though!  I will definitely continue at some point.  So read on and comment on how you think!

Told From Melody’s POV


I sat down and began to cry.  My whole world had fell apart when that door slammed.  I realized that maybe I wasn’t strong enough to face the world.

imageI read the note that was carelessly scrawled in chicken scratch over and over again.

imageIt basically showed just how much he cared about me.  So I crumpled it up…

imageAnd threw it onto the dresser in my room.

imageI went to bed, sobbing until I couldn’t any more.

~The End Of Part Two~

How did you like it!  I decided to switch because this seemed like such a better idea for one.  So bye for now!

-Samantha And her dolls  ❤


6 thoughts on “New Photo Series: Fame Isn’t Everything Part 1

  1. Haha, you know what’s weird? I made an AGSM called Fame Isn’t Everything, and it starred my doll Saige, too! XD
    This is great, excited for part 2! 😀


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