Best Friends

Hello everyone!  I took even MORE pics at the ranch and I really like this one.  So enjoy!

imageEmily and i are best friends.

imageWe learned to roller skate with only one skate!

imageWe fell, but we always pick one another up.

imageThere are MANY silly moments.

imageAnd we ALWAYS fall down in giggles.

imageOur friendship is not just me.

imageAnd our friendship is not just Emily either.

imageIt is both of us, together, as one, and bonded.

imageOur stories are different, but still hard learned.  For example, I lost my father to a war and cant seem to cheer up.

imageAnd Emily lost BOTH her parents in a bombing and has to endure the hard times.

imageBut no matter what…

imageWe are best friends…

imageForever.  ❤

   ~The End~

I liked that!  Did you?  Tell me in the comments if you liked it.  Oh and don’t forget to…



And like…


-Samantha and her dolls ❤


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