The Long Awaited…Saige’s Break Part Three!!!

Yay! We finally got to Saige’s break the last and final part!  I was just surfing my media and found these forgotten photos!  Hope you enjoy!  AND PLEASE ENTER DOLLIES ON A FARM GIVEAWAY!!!

imagewe came back from a LONG wait at the Emergency Room.  We had found out that Emily broke her ankle!

imageShe insisted on getting a purple cast like me of course!  (Or it was the only color they had left…maybe…)

imageShe even got crutches!

imageWe found Molly and Kit, looking worried sick on my bed.

image“your home!  OH MY GOSH!  You got crutches!  We got to get you some food, elevate your ankle. put ice on it, oh and you must be starving!  I’ll tell you what, i will fix you some sort of meal and you of course need some-”  Kit was being the mother of the sisters and babbled on and on about how she absolutely HAD to get Emily in perfect shape.  It was SUPER hilarious!

imageAnd Molly went through the same thing.

imageJust as Kit got to the part about how important it was to get good rest after she finished about the need of 8 glasses of water a day, Emily mentioned that she wanted to sleep in my bed in the trundle.  Of course, they gave her what she wanted.  They had to because it was quite important not to be discouraged as Kit had said.

imageso Molly made her a bed in the trundle.

imageSoon we were all set up!

imageHere is Emily’s meal…

imageAnd here is my meal!

imageWe played with our dolls, read and had a great time in the two month period that we had our casts on.

imageEmily even showed me her princess pictures!

I felt as if we connected, made a special bond that would never break in those two months.  All too soon, it came to an end.  😦

imageWhen we came back from the hospital to get our casts off, we talked about how great it was to get our casts off!

imageBut I soon changed the subject:  “Emily, i had a great time with you, and I really like you now that I got to know you!  I know that this was bad, but I still thank God that we bonded over this experience!  So what I am trying to say is that God has a path for us all and maybe we were meant to break our bones!  i had a great time with you!”

image“Oh Saige, that was sweet!  I agree, this was actually a great experience!”

imageand we shared a sisterly hug!


The End!

I hope you liked it!  I had fun creating it!  Thanks guys!  bye!

~Samantha and her dolls~


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