My AG Book Shelf!!!

So today I will show you my AG bookshelf!!!  Lets take a look!

imageHere is pretty in paper.  It has some super cool crafts in it!

imageI liked solving the puzzles in this book!

imagethis is a cool book, I recommend it.

imagei am obsessed with these puzzle and quiz books!!

imageI got this before I went to Hawaii!
imageEven though I don’t particularly like Julie, i love her book!

imageThis comes in handy!

imageI love to do spa treatments!!!

imageI like these little guides alot!!

imageI have Doll Star, Doll Dining, Doll Art Studio, and Doll Travel!  I lost Doll Hair though…

imageDoll Shcool did not fit in that previous photo.

imageBrave Emily came with my Emily doll!

imageI have the first Grace as well.

imageThis little book came with Merigold.

imageI LOVED to read this book.

imageI also got this book at the AG place!  now I will show you all my book sets.  (There is tape on them to cover up my full name.)



Those are ALL my AG books!  Bye!



14 thoughts on “My AG Book Shelf!!!

  1. WOW! You have a lot of books! But I still like them, they’re great! Do you like the BeForever books? I have some of them and they’re great. I also can’t wait for Maryellen’s books, especially her Journey book!


      1. Samantha how to you make a home page on your wordpress blog to put all of your posts on. I dont know how and I just got my blog


      2. I am glad to help! You have a bar on the top of your wordpress screen and you should see a little box with a pencil and a plus sign. All you do is click on it and write your posts from there! they should show up as a Home page.

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