New Doll House Addition: Kit’s Tree House Alcove!

imageHey everybody!  I basically spent all of yesterday building Kit’s “Tree house in the attic”.  If any of you have read Kit’s books, you probably remember that in her attic, she had many alcoves.  So I decided to join everything in one alcove!  Here is the tour.

imageKit is very excited!

imageI wallpapered the whole area in wood looking scrapbook paper, to give it an attic feel.

imageI gave her a cute little Cincinnati Reds baseball pennant.

imageThis bubble sticker of her came with an AG cootie catcher set.

imageI cut out this silhouette of her from her box.

imageI put her name in pretty letter stickers.

imageI found this cute sticker in my mom’s Martha Stuart stickers that she gave to me.

imageI got this sticker at the AG store.

imageI hung up her notes satchel and her camera case on a golden tack.

imageI also made a little radio for her!  (Comment if you want a tutorial on this radio.)

imagei also hung a bulletin board with the pics from her reporter set and a cut out of her newspaper article.

imageI gave her this woodland glass animal collection that I got from toys are us.

imageI put her newspapers under her paper box and put little accessories on top.

imageAnd of course, she absolutely NEEDS her typewriter!

imageI put her mini book and her chocolate mold on the desk.

imageand I also put a photo of her Grace and two little birdies that replaced Pecan.  i dont have names for them, so if you guys could give me suggestions in the comments, that would be awesome!

imageAnd that concludes the tour!  i hope you liked it!  until next time,

-Samantha and her dolls


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