Santa Cruz Beach Photos and A Who Wore It Best!

Hey!  So you may have noticed I have been absent since Thursday.  I was at Santa Cruz!  It was so fun and I took pics of Saige at the beach!  I also have my first who wore it best for you!  so lets get started!

imagei caught her with a crashing wave in the background!  she looks so pretty in this beachy outfit!

imageYou can never forget sunscreen!

imageShe has a tropical drink!

imagePretty golden sandals!

imageI sewed this dress!

imageHere is the giveaway dress!

imageSaige has had a fun day at the beach!

And now for the who wore it best!  I could not decide who is sportier in this soccer outfit:  Kit or Emily?  I decided to have it be up to you guys!  Whoever wins gets a soccer photostory!  So here are the lovely models!

imageWill it be Kit?

imageOr Emily?

Dont forget to put your vote in the comments and I will review the outfit too!  Bye!

-Samantha and her dolls ❤


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