Craft: How To Make The Elegant Choker For Your AG Doll

imageHello!  Today I decided to show you how to make this awesome choker for your doll!

imageIt looks great with your doll’s favorite party dress!

imageAll you need is hot glue, scissors, trim of your choice, and Velcro!

imageFirst, measure around your dolls neck.

imageTo make sure that your trim doesn’t fray, wrap a thin strip of tape around the ends.

imageCut small rectangles of Velcro and hot glue them onto the ends of the trim.

imageMake sure you glue one on the backside and one with the front sides.

imageI think it is very easy and beautiful!

And now for the cutest pic on the internet:

imageTwila slept in my doll bed!  She is so cute!!!!  The doll beds are the perfect size for her!

Hope you enjoyed!  Dont forget to leave a comment and follow my blog!  Bye!

-Samantha and her dolls!


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