Review of Baking With Grace!!!

imageHello Everyone!  Yesterday I went to Barnes And Nobles with my awesome grandmother and bought the Baking With Grace Book and Doll Photo Shoot!  I also got Mocking jay, The Meaning of Maggie, and Dont vote for me!  (Those are all book titles.)So lets get started on this awesome review!

imageThere is this cute little oven mitt that can fit on your doll’s hand!  It is made of quilted fabric and it has a little loop on the corner!

imageThere are two Patisserie bags and two bread sleeves as well!

imageI love the french newspaper and The Glace and Macaron signs!

imageCute bakery posters!

imageThese are tear out doilies!

imageThese are recipe cards, patisserie signs, and to go boxes!

imageThese are chefs hat bands!

imageMore bakery signs!

imagei love this chalk board!

imageMore bakery stickers.

imageI cant wait to make these french flags and lay out these doilies!

imageHere is the activity book.

imageimageI hope you enjoyed!  I might do some tutorials on how I made some of the stuff in here!  I also will review the photo shoot book sometime in the next two days!

-Samantha and her dolls ❤


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