The Dress Your Doll Challenge!!! And 100th Post!!

Hey there!  Universe Revolves did this awesome thing where her doll was blindfolded and dressed her mini doll without looking!  i thought it was cool, but sadly I do not have many mini doll clothes.  (BTW, can you guys give me some ideas for how to make mini doll clothes in the comments?  That would be awesome.)  So instead, I decided to have ME blindfolded and Molly the one I dress.  so lets take a look on how I did!

imageMolly is all ready!

imageAnd here is Molly’s completely groovy look!

imageThere is this poncho-skirt-type-inside-out-thingie on her bodice!

imageThe braids are tucked in of course!

imageWell, at least I got this denim skirt right!

imageThere is this purple knit vest on her legs!

imageThe roller skate is not all the way on.

imageBut at least this pretty pink flat is!

imageWell Molly makes quite a fashion statement in this get up!  I hope you had a good chuckle over this one because I sure did!!

-Samantha and her dolls!




9 thoughts on “The Dress Your Doll Challenge!!! And 100th Post!!

  1. Awesome! Congratulations! Molly’s outfit is super cute on here, by the way. And I think it’s funny how she’s wearing two different shoes on her feet-my mom was like that when she was getting ready this morning!

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