A Trip To The Pool!

Hey!  So I realized that I have had my new pool since mid May but my dolls have not gone near it yet!  I also wanted to get my last summery shot before school starts next Wednesday!  Yes i know, I start SUPER early!!!  But lets see what the dolls are up to while Saige and Molly work on surprises for each of them.

imageWe went to the pool!

imageI started to swim!  The water was nice and refreshing for a doll like me!

imagekit was super busy applying gobs of sunscreen on her!  She looked like a marshmallow when she finished!  I helped her rub it all in.

imageWe soon were both swimming!

imageKit started to get in formation to dive.

imageSploosh!  She crashed into the crystal clear water!

imageWe started to play Marco Polo and I was it first!

imageI hobbled around as I chased Kit through the water.

image“you’re it!”  I shouted as I tagged her back!

imageAs she counted to ten…

imageI slowly got out of the water.


imageI had no choice but to mumble Polo back.

imageShe fumbled around for a bit, trying to get a hold of me.

image“Aha”  She shouted!  “Fish out of water!”

image“Aw, darn, you got me!”
imageWe spent the rest of the afternoon bathing in the sun.

~The end~

I hope you liked it!  WARNING:  if you ever decide to pose your dolls in a pool, be super duper careful because your dolls could get ruined if her cloth body has contact with water!  Kit almost fell in!

Bye guys!  remember to like, follow, and comment!

~samantha and her dolls!


22 thoughts on “A Trip To The Pool!

  1. Dont worry if the cloth bodies got wet you would have to take off their heads take out the stuffingblow dry their bodies and the stuffing. Agsmiless has a video it so does blacksparkle. GREAT PHOTOSTORY!!!!


  2. So cute! I can’t believe your school starts next week, good luck. Oh, and if you get a doll body wet, a furnace vent is a good place to dry them, I recently refurbished a doll and had to wipe her body (it was filthy!) and afterwards set her in front of the vent with the fan on and she dried just fine. Just make sure they are really dry before dressing them or putting them away, you don’t want them to mold.


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