An Awesome Twisty Hair Style!

imageHey!  Today I am going to show you how to do this awesome hairstyle that works great on straight and medium length doll hair!  Emily is modeling today.

imageyou will need:

-a doll brush

-a doll spray bottle

-multiple tiny clips

-one larger clip

imageFirst, take a medium sized section of hair.

imageTwist it to the side, gathering more sections as you twist!  Then, secure the twist with a clip.

imageTwist two more in the same manner, and as you can see, I am using coordinating clips to my doll’s outfit.

imageRepeat the twist clips on both sides and pull the two leftover strand of hair together with a clip!

imageNow your doll can have her hair pulled out of her face for school!

-Samantha and her doll


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