Cooking Show With Emily: Apple jam Thumbprint Cookies!

imageToday on the cooking show with emily, we will make apple jam thumb print cookies!

imageFirst, mix salt, flour, eggs, sugar, vanilla, and baking soda together to create your dough!

imageShape your dough into a heart…

imageand stick your thumb into the unbaked cookie!

imageThen, spray your pan and set your cookies on the pan.  Bake in the oven on high for about thirty minutes.

imageOnce you are done, get your apple jam ready.

imagespoon your jam into the thumb printed cookies.  You can also lightly drizzle some melted white chips onto the cookies.

imageAnd you are done!

Wasn’t that fun?  I like her baking shows and lets just say she has a special Parisian surprise from her sisters coming up on her birthday!  Can you guess what it is in the comments?  I hope you loved it!  Bye now!

-Samantha and her dolls 🙂


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