How to easily curl your dolls hair!

imageHey!  today I will show you some awesome outfits I have sewed and the giveaway item I won.  Here are Kits overalls!  I rolled up an old T-shirt as the blouse for now, but I will most likely make a flowered blouse soon.  These are supposed to be a recreation of Ag’s!  tell me what you think in the comments!

imageThis is the Parisian Inspired pajama that I won from funwithagfan!  I really like them and I needed one more flannel piece so my dolls could all have flannel pieces!  i love them and I totally recommend them from the Sheeky Violets Etsy shop!

imageSaige is ready to have her hair curled in another new dress that I sewed!

imageYou will need a spay bottle, a wire wig hair brush, and bobby pins.

imageyou also need foam rollers.  You can find them at the dollar store!

imageFirst, brush her hair and soak it with water from a spay bottle.

imageTake the a piece that is the size you want your curl to be.

imageTwist it tightly, but make sure you do not make it kink!

imageTake the curler rectangle out of it’s slot.

imageTwist the curl all the way up and if you need to, pin it in place with a bobby pin as well.

imageLet the curlers sit for about three hours or for best results, over night.  They turn into beautiful, lush curls!  Bye!

-Samantha and in her dolls  🙂


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