Review of Miami Dolphins Cheerleading Outfit!

imageHey everyone!  Today I will review something that my grandma ordered online.  It is a Miami dolphins Cheerleading Outfit!  This is Saige’s outfit, but since her rollers are in, I put Ems in pig tails and dressed her up in it!  She looks awesome in it!


imageThe pom-poms are a yarn puff ball and there is an elastic loop so you can attach it to the doll’s hand!

imageThe embroidery is AMAZING!  Like seriously, how does the maker do this?!

imageThere is beautiful cross ribbon work on the bottom.

imageThe skirt is beautifully pleated and there is ribbon on the bottom.  I really love this outfit and I really think my doll’s can finally go Rah-rah in the stadium!

I hope you enjoyed!  I love this outfit so much!  Hope you had a good day and please comment, follow, and like!

-Samantha and her dolls!


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