Review of Doll Photo Shoot

imageHello!  Today I will review Doll Photo Shoot!

imageHere is the book!  It gives you in depth detail on how to take professional doll photos!  There are lots of tips on props, ways to hold the camera, lighting, and even taking your photos outside!  Here are a few peaks inside the book!



imageThere is also a little mini book that tells you how to make doll videos and even stop-motions!


imageThere is a scrap book, but all the pages are white.

imageThere is a card stock frame with a very pretty design on it!

imageThis is supposed to be a punch out kite and I cant wait to make it!

imageThere are two inspiring doll posters.

imageThese are some scenes to set your doll in  front of.

imageI dont quite know what these stickers are, but they look super cute!

imageAnd the last thing is this stack of blank photo backs!

(This next part of the review will be in mostly every review I write from now on!)

Worth the money?

Definitely!  I totally recommend it and if you like to take doll pictures, you will use it a lot!

What is the rating?

I would say four and a half out of five stars!

Is it one of your favorite AG sets?

I would probably have to say yes!

If your friend was looking for ONE thing to buy from AG, would this product be it?

No, probably not.  None of my friends are into photography really.

Do you think AG could have done better?

I think they could have given more ideas and more tips on the pretty backround that is shown throughout the idea book.

I hope you enjoyed!  Please comment and follow too!  Bye!

-Samantha and her dolls


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