Tour Of French Bakery!

imageHi!  Today I will show you something that I have been working on for QUITE awhile!  It is a french bakery!  This is what Emily’s B-day surprise was and I will have some photo stories about it soon.  Lets get on with the tour!  (sorry about the terrible lighting too!

imageI made an awesome recreation of Grace’s bistro set by painting a wooden circle and a wooden candle stick!  I made a chair out of wire and craft foam too!

imageThis “mural” is a painting I made when I was younger!

imageI covered a piece of posterboard in pretty paper and I decorated it in stickers.

imageimageNow for the bakery case!  It is a photo box and it had Eiffel towers and french words all over it!

imageI made some mini tartlets and macarons out of clay!  The cupcakes and doughnuts are from an OG set!



imageimageimageimageimageimageThats the bakery!  I hope you enjoyed!  I had lots of fun making it and maybe it inspired you to make one!  Bye!
-Samantha and her dolls  🙂


13 thoughts on “Tour Of French Bakery!

  1. All the homemade goods are making me drool. I almost thought about reaching through the computer and grabbing them to eat them…


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