Simple And Quick Hair Style: Braided Buns!!!!!

imageHello!  Today I will  be showing you a very quick and easy hairstyle for Molly!  If you are like me, you never really want to take out her braids, but you still want to give her a very dressy hairstyle.  Here is the new do’ just right for you!  you will need: A wire wig hair brush, a spray bottle, bobby pins, and a doll already in two braids!  Lets get started!

imageTake one of the braids and twist them like you would in a bun!  tip:  Make sure you tie off her braids very close to her ends, otherwise the ends of her hair will stick out!

imageThen, stick a couple of bobby pins in to hold it in place!!

imageand you are done!

I hope you liked it!  Please comment if you did!  molly loves it and your doll will too!  Have fun with your doll!  Bye!

-Samantha and her dolls  ❤


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