Kit Loves Soccer!!!

imageHey today I decided to practice some soccer in my backyard!  here we go!

imageI’m ready to go!

imageI started dribbling the ball!

imageI just love it when the ball gets kicked by my feet.

imageI am going and going…

imageAnd soon, I was face to face with the goal.

imageI wasn’t sure if i could make it, but I knew I had to try!

imageyou can do this, Kit.  I thought, Just kick the ball.

imageI got ready to kick it…

imageBam!  The ball whirred through the air!

imageI made the goal!!!

image“GOAL!!!!”  I love soccer!

~The End~

Kit had lots of fun playing soccer!  I also had fun taking pictures!  i hope you liked it!  Bye!

-Samantha and her dolls  ❤


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