image(Told in Molly’s POV)  We were all sitting on the trundle as we waited for Kit to get home with her “surprise”  dinner.

image“I wonder if that’s her!” Emily exclaimed.  Just then, we heard a rustling from the kitchen!

imageKit came back with a tray full of…


imageI just LOVE sushi!  But Emily, not so much.  “Kit!”  She scolded, “You know I don’t like sushi!”

image“Exactly, which is why…”  She dug around in her purse for a bit.

image“I brought you a bagel sandwich!”  Emily did however, LOVE bagel sandwiches.

image“Wow, thanks Kit!” Emily said.

image“Alright, now there is a huge difference between these two types of sushi.  Those two are cream cheese, salmon, calamari, and wassabi.  The other ones are salmon, wassabi, escargo, and I am not sure what the orange stuff is.  Who wants to take their pick?”

image“I call the one with the whiter rice!”  Saige exclaimed.

imageEveryone soon had some beautiful plates of Sushi!

image“This sushi is awesome!  It’s so tasty!  I will have to remember this sushi place!”

image“I know right!?”  Saige said while still chewing her latest bite.

image“Well, I just think ALL sushi is good!”  I said as I nibbled on a piece of seaweed.

image“Is there any dessert?”  I asked as Kit cleared the plates.  “You shall see soon enough.”  Kit answered mysteriously…

imageSoon she brought back plates of ice cream treats!

imageWe all ate our ice creams and got a good nights sleep!  The End

That was fun!  Dont forget to enter for an outfit at Kara 13 doll world and for a Mary Ellen doll at dollDiaries.  Speaking of Mary Ellen, I AM FOR SURE GOING TO GET HER!!! EEEEEEK!!  I have 60$ saved up so far!  And OMG, have you seen her collection?!  SO CUTE!!  Have a good evening!  Bye!

-Samantha And Her Dolls


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