How To Sew A Doll Pet Blanket!!

Hey!  A few days ago, I took some pictures on how I sewed a doll fleece pet bed!  It is super easy and if you are  beginner at sewing, this is perfect for you!  Lets take a look!

imageStep 1:  Gather your supplies

You will need the following supplies to make this project:

-a pet to measure from

-some fleece or cotton fabric



-a sewing machine


imageStep 2: thread your machine

Do just that!

imageStep 3:  measure your fabric

Use your pet to measure the fabric.  Make sure you cut out two squares of the measurement.

imageStep 4:  sew together

sew the fabric into a square.


step 5:  leave an opening

You have to leave a good sized opening to stuff the stuffing in.


Step 6:  stuff it!

You can stuff the stuffing into the opening now, making sure to poke through the corner.  after you are satisfied with the stuffing job, hand sew the opening back together.

imageNow you are done!
imageThe sweater and the pet bed are matching!!

imageNow Cinnamon can get a peaceful night’s rest!

i hope you enjoyed!  I would love to know if you made it, so leave a comment if you did!  bye!!!

-Samantha and her dolls  🙂


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