image(Told from Molly’s POV)  All the dolls were asleep in their beds, even the pets rested their heads.

imageI yawned and stretched as I slowly awoke.

imageI slowly peered over to the alarm clock and realized… IT WAS THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!  AND WE WERE LATE!!!

imageI hastily climbed down the bunk bed.

imageI shook Emily as hard as I could.  “Emily, you forgot to wake us up for the first day!”

image“Molly, Molly!  Why are you awake?  Its only 5:30 right?”

imageEmily NEVER slept in.  I decided to take charge of getting everyone ready.  after all, Emily did NOT seem like she wanted to.

imageWhen I woke Kit up, she was a half asleep zombie.

imageAnd when I woke Saige up, well lets just say that her hair situation did NOT go over well.

imageI ordered Kit and Emily to get their clothes on while I comforted Saige.

imageEmily snapped into action and pulled open the closet door.

imageI hurriedly fixed Saige’s hair ordeal.

imagewe all decided what to wear for the first day.

imageHere we all are!

imageI checked our scedules on my phone…

imageand on the screen it said:  Have a great day!  First day of school is a week away!  “Uh guys, I got the date wrong and apparently school is next week!”

image“WHAT!!!!????”  Saige screamed.  “I let you touch my hair all for nothing!!!”

imageWe all laughed and went on with our Summer day!

I enjoyed that!  I hope you did too! Bye!

-Samantha and her dolls  🙂


note from samantha:

hey!  in case you were wondering, the reason Maryellen is not in this post is because I saved it as a draft a while ago and forgot to publish it!  Hope you loved it!


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