You Can Save Up Too!

Hey!  I recently bought a Mary Ellen doll.  I thought you might want to learn how to save as well!  Here are my top tips!


1:  get into the habit

To save, you actually need to like NOT spend any money.  Sounds crazy, right?  Well one way is to remind yourself that your new doll is going to be more important then that candy bar.   Or whatever cheap things you have a habit of wasting money on.  I like to put a picture of the doll in my wallet so that every time I open it up, I am reminded to not waste money.  You can also have your parents put your money in a place where you will never find it, and only let them give the money back to you when you reach your savings goal.

2: So how do you earn the money??

There are countless ways to earn money, but I am going to list a few.

1:  Allowance.   If you get allowance, take advantage of it!  Save the allowance money!!  If you don’t have allowance, ask them for it!  If that does not work, Go big!  Dress all professional and make a presentation to convince them to give you allowance.

2: Etsy.  Ask your parents if you can set up an Etsy shop.  If you make doll clothing, clay food, jewelty, or whatever crafty thing it might be, sell it!  This is a strategy that will help you earn money fast!

3. Stuff you dont want.  So you have old toys that you will probably NEVER see again.  Sell them too!  You can have a rummage sale, or you can sell the stuff on Ebay.  Make sure you get a parent’ permission.. Also make sure that you wont miss your old toys.

3:Money from special occasions  

Some of you may have a relative that may be extra generous with the birthday cash they give you.  That counts as savings too.  Dont waste it right away!

4:  So you have the money

Yay!  You reached your goal!  Now it is time to go to the next step:  ordering the doll.

5:  Getting the right doll for you

There are many dolls out there.  You can go for cheap and get a cheaper doll on Ebay.  You might be able to get a retired doll!  But if you want a brand new doll there are lots to consider.


1.Truly Me

You can get a doll like you or get a doll that you just think is pretty!  There are many possibilities with the truly me dolls.  You can give them any personality or style that you want!  But if you are younger, I recommend that you get the doll with the easiest and straightest hair so that it is easier to take care of!

2. Girl Of The Year

The girl of the year dolls are modern and special edition dolls that are only here for on year!  They are beautiful and intricately detailed dolls.  They usually have a unique hobby and story to them as well!

3.  Beforever Dolls

These dolls are my personal favorite.  They are dolls from different time eras!  The items in their collections are very detailed and authentic!  There are lots to choose from and their collections are all incredible!

You achieved your goal!  Hooray!  Now enjoy your new doll!  I hope you use these tips!  Bye

-Samantha and her dolls


10 thoughts on “You Can Save Up Too!

  1. I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but the picture you used is from Madison’s blog, Delightful World of Dolls. If you didn’t ask Madison for permission to use it, then it’s stealing, and that’s not OK. I’m not trying to be a referee, but I know that if someone stole a picture from my blog, I’d be really upset. You should either just take the picture out of the post (it would be fine without it) or go ask Madi for permission right now.


  2. Catlover02 and I opened up our Etsy shop on May 30th. Currently (Today’s September 3rd) we only have 1 sale. I wouldn’t exactly call it earning money fast though. 🙂 Congratulations on your new doll! I love that new doll smell. 🙂
    – American Girl Doll Artist


  3. When I read the first tip, I thought, the government should take your advice! 😛 Also, eBay might be better than etsy, (I don’t know, because I don’t really know how etsy works) because I think etsy has a fee if you want an account?



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