Review Of Maryellen!!!

imageHELLO!!!! I GOT MARY ELLEN!! I am absolutely SOOO excited!  She is very pretty and I really love her.  i can’t get over her gorgeous features!  Her hair has beautiful and bouncy curls as well!  Her meet outfit is cute as well!  So many people asked for a review so I decided to do one!  All this week I will be posting photoshoots, reviews, and photostories about Mary Elllen!  I also have to update my header and my meet the dolls page!  Here we go!

imageHer book looks awesome and I am looking forward to reading it!

imageLets also start with her features!  She has a very attractive face and her hair goes quite well with her look.

imageHere are her bangs.  Now this is a funny story!  Maryellen was getting ready for school and she decided to cut herself bangs!  I read it in her book!  I think it looks very cute!  Since sidswept bangs were not a thing in the fifties, it can be in modern times!

imageHere is the akward piece in my fingers.

imageHer hair is in a high ponytail.  The curls are big, bouncy, and beautiful!

imagethere is a blue ribbon in her hair as well. The ribbon is a nice touch to her meet outfit.

imageHere is her hair up close!  It is strawberry blond and you can clearly see the blond streaks in this pic.

imageThese are her eyes.

imageAnd now for her meet outfit!

imageHer undies are just white and plain.  They are not bloomers either.  I sure have lots of bloomers!

imageShe also has plain Mary Janes!  I like how plain but different they are!

imageHer dress has a blue ribbon waist band and a sweet heart neckline!  I like the coordinating stripes too!

imageHere is a closeup at the sweetheart neckline.

imagethis is her without the cardigan.


i LOVE her cardigan!!  It goes well with everything and there is lots of details to the monogrammed initial M!

imageHere is a peak at her accessories, which I will also be reviewing soon!

What is your rating?

5 stars!

What is your favorite thing about her?

I really like her hair!

What is your least favorite thing?

I have mixed feelings about the bangs.

do you think she is authentic to her time era?

Yes, definitely!

Now how many dolls do you have?


Hope you enjoyed!  I am so excited to share more about Mary Ellen with you!  Bye!

-Samantha and her dolls


13 thoughts on “Review Of Maryellen!!!

  1. Wow! I didn’t know that about the bangs. That’s the main reason why I’m not planning to get her. Knowing that part of her story makes more sense (I obviously haven’t read the book) but I think those bangs would just be too annoying for me to get her. I loved your review though.


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